Dutta, Sumanta wrote:
I am facing a strange problem while generating PDF in Servlet. I have got
two PDF reports to generate at present. I can generate one PDF properly, but
the other one, whose structure is similar to and simpler than the first one,
is coming out incomplete. It gives me the header and footer, and an
incomplete body. I tested my xsl by running through the standalone fop.dat
(in FOP-0.20.3) against the same XML data. It's generating the complete XML.
I am completely lost. Could anybody please help me!

That's strange indeed. Some things you can try: Did you close the output stream? Are you using an intermediate ByteArrayOutputStream? Can you dump it to a file, and is it also truncated? Do you set the content-length, and is it correct? (Dump it to a file or log) Do you use an XSL transformation? Can you intercept the intermediate FO XML and dump it to a file? Is it what you expect?

HTH J.Pietschmann

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