Title: RE: Passing page numbers to an external servlet
This won't work as it attempts to place the fo:page-number as an attribute of fo:external-graphic. This is the problem I have and as far as I can tell there is no way of solving it. It seems like xsl:fo just doesn't have the power to do much page conditional things without separate page masters.
        <xsl:attribute name="SRC">

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Subject: Passing page numbers to an external servlet


Can any one there help me the XSL for the following problem. I'm calling an
external servlet to generate some graphics for a page footer, to improve
things I want to supply the page number to the servlet but can't figure out
if its possible to include it in the src="" attribute.

I kind of want this:

src=""http://server/servlet?page='" target=_blank>http://server/servlet?page='<fo:page-number/>'"/>

I just can't figure out how to break up the src to do this.

Many Thanks

Kevin Pearcey

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