A little late but I'm sure this will end it anyway.

Everything you need to know is the schemas microsoft is using (for Word,
Excel, etc.)

Go to http://msdn.microfost.com/library then navigate as follows on the left
tree structure:

> Office Solutions Development
>> Microsoft Office
>>> Microsoft Office 2000
>>>> Microsoft Office HTML and XML Reference

Even if it is outside of the scope of FOP, still it is a kind "market"
competitor. I always have the same "deliver-me-in-excel" request, specially
from upper management.

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exactly how ghastly are you talking here?

is the format [snort] published anywhere?

Michiel Verhoef wrote:
> To top all: it is even quite simple.
> For a project we had to produce MS Excel files fromXML, using XSLT.
> As we didn't have a clue about Microsoft formats etc we figured: why
> not produce this ghastly MS-HTML and see what that does for us?

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