Hi there again.

I'm running my FOP formatter in a java standalone application
and let it render PDF's the hole day.

It acts like a converter-server. Clients are giving it the xml
and xsl file and the formatter does the rest.

Sometimes it has also to render some images into the pdf file.
These files are saved in a temp file so that the renderer can
access it properly.

And there is the problem!

After the renderer has done its work, i want to delete my temp 
files. I can delete every temp file except the image files!!!
(the java java.io.File.delete() method gives a false as return
value, so the the file is not deleted and is still alive in
my temp dir!!!).

I do not like this because the formatter is doing a lot of work
the hole day, and after a week or so, my disk would be full because
of these temp files!

Any idea?



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