This is an interesting suggestion - but how does the notification to the
Front Controller allow a user to know when the document is ready without
some type of polling?  We have a similar setup, but a polling applet is
being used - which we would love to get rid of.

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You could have additional servers (can be low-cost) and use JMS to post
jobs to a queue. These additional servers will listen on the queue
(automatic load-balancing through use of JMS), generate PDFs and send a
message back that the file is ready to be taken by the front servlet.

> I have FOP 0.20.3 running successfully on my web server and was wondering
> what the best way to control the scalability of it. There is a possibility
> that 30 + users may be requesting a PDF page at the same time and as you
> know FOP is not too kind on memory usage. The PDF being produced are only
> pages max so its just the cost of the processing on the web server that is
> the problem. 
> I have seen ideas about limiting the number of FOP processes running at
> time but I dont want to have users waiting for minutes for their PDF page
> be displayed. 
> Does any one have any other ideas ?

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