To Run the FOP and see the output in PDF through IE or Netscape browser.
Jar files from FOP lib directory, Adobe Acrobat Reader(is read only O.K,
and which version?),
R/O is OK (this means the Reader provided at no cost). Version 4 is

Plugins for IE and Netscape(Isn't default when you install Adobe's Acrobat
Ask the IE and netscape guys. IE can use the ActiveX component which
is part of the AR 4.x/5.x package. Installation details as well as
the actual IE build number and additionally installed Adobe packages
could be very important.

,Java 1.3(I am having this version)..
Anything else i am missing ?

Do you feel you are something missing?

How compelled you are to answer everyone's(almost) questions.
just curious. do you keep waiting for people to post

Being too lazy for doing major coding work, that's my small contribution to the progress of mankind.


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