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The problem is rather that the questions gets posted a lot and the
response is always the same. Maybe people are getting tired of
responding to them. The mailing list archives contain a lot of similar

Why not post the latest status on the Web ?

It comes down to this: FOP is in redesign (announced on the website).


All current releases come from a maintenance branch where relatively little is going on. That means releases don't come out too often, especially because this involves a lot of work. If you think that the current CVS version contains fixes you really need you can ask that a release be made as soon as possible. But don't expect too much at the moment. New features (especially concerning FO conformance) are not likely to appear. FOP has to be redesigned to allow that.


And I believe this is the answer we are looking for : how far is it in its redesign ?

I had another phone call with a major governmental institution. They would love to go the FO way if its future was not so blurred, we would even contribute to some code (I need line numbering in) and fix bugs.
If only we has some visibility. Currently, my choice is RenderX (but this institution does not like getting locked into a small company) and a traditional proprietary solution (e.g. 3B2, Compuset). I would love to be able to tell them : in 6 months time the redesign will be finished, windows/orphan, keep-with-next and, I don't know, landscaped block-containers will be working.

P. Andries

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