I posted a schema to the dev list last week. The schema is pretty good. Feel free to point it out to the folks at XMLSpy.
They can use XMLSPY to generate their own DTD from that. The schema has a few tweaks left before I post it here.

Chuck Paussa

Niki Dinsey wrote:

A note about using XML-SPY for fop development. I used it quite a bit
lately and while I found it good, the DTD it uses for XSL:FO is far from

complete and sometimes incorrect. That's not to say it isn't very useful,

just be careful and have the spec ( handy as

[Niki Dinsey] Hi there ppl,

I've spoken to XML Spy about this a couple of weeks ago, seems they used
a DTD referenced from the XSL W3C Working Draft, 21 Apr 1999. This was
the last time w3c brought out a DTD for the fo namespace.

They (xmlspy) won't allow you to manually edit the auto complete so I
guess we're stuck with this outdated version till W3C get round to
bringing something new out.

Does anybody have a newer version of the fo DTD/XSD????

Check the mail from XMLSpy below:



Dear Niks,

I have spoken to our CTO and he has said that we have not implemented
the new commands due to the fact that the W3C hasn't brought about a new
XSL dtd since the
version. Until they bring out a dtd we cannot change the elements in the
entry helper list. I am sorry, but you cannot change this manually yourself in XML Spy.

Kind regards

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