Thanks, i tried your first suggestion but i still didn't try rebuilding
FOP.jar (i'll to do later).. i received this error. Do you know how resolve
it ?

>Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
org/apache/log/format/Formatter at org.apache.fop.apps.Fop.main(

Thanks in advance.

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> exampl e after first installation...
> Gilson Nascimento D Elrei wrote:
> > I have donwloaded and installed FOP, i tried to convert the
> file
> > using it like my first interaction with this tool, but i'm receiving
> this
> > follow message error:
> > 
> >  [ERROR]: Don't know what to do with
> This is a known problem caused either by the DOS command processor
> or the JVM. It is specific to the 16bit Windows variants.
> Nobody has yet published a workaround, you'll have to experiment
> a bit by yourself. You can, for example, try
>   java -jar bin\fop.jar nnn.pdf
> which might work (or not).
> If all else fails, get the source distribution, open
> the file src\org\apache\fop\apps\,
> kill the line throwing the exception wih the error
> message above and rebuild FOP.
> J.Pietschmann

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