Dutta, Sumanta wrote:
I am trying to refer my XSL, which generates the FO, over a URI, relative to
my http codebase. If I create the XSL source by passing /x/y/z.xsl, the
transformer tries to find file://x/y/z.xsl. Is there any way to resolve this
in reference to my current http codebase. I tried to do get the servername
from http request, and append the URI, which is working in my local test
setup, but not good for actual installation, as requests may be coming
through different proxies.

I suppose you are implementing a servlet. If you create the transformer yourself, you can pass any URL to the StreamSource for the XSL, including HTTP URLs. How you determine the URL is a matter of your servlet. I don't understand this part of the problem, usually servlets read XSL from files instead from HTTP requests. You'll have to supply some more details.


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