You can embed any font in the generated PDF following the instructions given here

Your catalog of fonts are in your machine. So create a script to generate the font metric files, edit the userconfig.xml file and then generate an FO document that displays some text in each of the fonts.


Stephen Clarke wrote:

Hi all,
Is it possible to display *any* locally installed font or are we limited to
just a few main ones? As I recall, fop is limited to just four or five main
fonts for display in pdf output. Is that correct?

I'm interested in making a catalogue of all locally available fonts. I was
thinking, one way might be through xml and fop to pdf. But probably not a
good idea, no?

Last time I did it in Flash, but it was awfully complicated and painstaking.
I want some way of arranging the fonts together, sans, serif, cursive, etc.

Any help appreciated.

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