I never did that myself, but here's a hint I recieved: You have to download
a "jimi.jar" from sun (don't know the link, but I guess it's pretty easy to
find), add it to the jars in your fop installation and rebuild your fop (so
you should have the sources of fop). In earlier version of fop the
"jimi.jar" was distributed with fop, but because of some sort of copyright
problems you have to download it seperately from sun. This should solve the

Jens Posingies
Lüneburg (Germany)

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Von: Kevin Pearcey [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2002 16:26
Betreff: Image problems

I'm having problems with some external-graphic images.

I have a block:

  <fo:external-graphic src="Image.png"/>

And depending upon the image I get:

[ERROR] Error while creating area : Error creating FopImage object (Error
creating FopImage object (file:Image.png) : org.apache.fop.image.JimiImage

Does anyone have any thoughts about why certain images won't work?


Kevin Pearcey

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