Scott Moore wrote:
I noticed some different behavior from RenderX's XEP.  While FOP will keep
all spaces, when words wrap to the next line, the words are left justified.
However, XEP will wrap the word to the next line and indent it one space.
It looks horrible.  Which product is correct in their interpretation of the


This is a sample  sentence
that keeps  all  spaces.


This is a sample  sentence
 that keeps  all  spaces.

It depends on the context. FOP will not only keep spaces but also linefeesd it white-space-collapse is set to "false". This is not conformant. There is a property linefeed-treatment, wich defaults to treat-as-space, i.e. the linefeed is converted to a space. If the spaces already present in the source fill up the line, the linefeed could, in theory, present itself as space at the beginning of the next line. Because of this, XEP could be, well, "more correct".


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