Hello Denis,

I suggest that you ask this sort of question on the fop-user mailing list. Please join it.

I have copied it to them to see if anyone can help.

What diagnosis have you tried? What version of fop are you using? Does it work with any other renderer - eg to PDF?
What operating system?


At 17:19 22/05/2002, Trompette Denis [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
I try to make an example using FOP which takes a XML and a XSL files in
entry and build a AWT output.

All seems to work but the awt frame doesn't appear; my code is the following
coul you help me please.

    Driver monDriver = new Driver();
    InputHandler inputHandler = new XSLTInputHandler(new File(inputFile),
new File(xslInputFile));
    XMLReader parser = inputHandler.getParser();
    Translator resource = getMyResourceBundle("en"); // en :english language
    monDriver.setRenderer(new AWTRenderer(resource));

The trace is the following:
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] (): area contents overflows area
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] (): area contents overflows area
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] (): Last page-sequence produced 38 pages.
INFO    10220   [fop     ] (): Parsing of document complete, stopping
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] (): Initial heap size: 21222Kb
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] (): Current heap size: 22504Kb
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] (): Total memory used: 1281Kb
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] ():   Memory use is indicative; no GC was
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] ():   These figures should not be used
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] (): Total time used: 42469ms
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] (): Pages rendererd: 38
DEBUG   10220   [fop     ] (): Avg render time: 1117ms/page

Thanks you.

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