Hi Denis,
Thanks for your reply. The problem is that I need to replace certain place holders in my .fo file with corresponding tags in the xml file. I dont need to dump the whole xml file in the fo file. For eg:
To: <replace with Client Name>
is in the fo file, and the client name is in the xml file as a tag.
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Did you try something like document('urltoyourxmlfile') in your fo file? This should insert your xml doc into your fo file ...
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Subject: Newbie - Dynamic data in .fo file

Hi all,

I need to pick data for my .fo file from another xml. How do I do this? Do I need to transform it again?
I have searched the mailing list but cant seem to find the answer (maybe using wrong keywords, dynamic data ??).

Why is there no fop user mailing list at mail-archive? Its search engine seems far better than the one at MARC.


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