Vikram Goyal01 wrote:
This might also answer my question regarding dynamic text.
Could you just clarify if by the xsl file here, you mean the .fo file? Can I have xsl tags in my .fo file?

Producing a PDF file from arbitrary XML is a two stage process. The first stage is the transformation from the source XML into a FO document. The second stage is the formatting, which results in a PDF. The transformation in the first stage is described by an .xsl file

FOP is responsible for the second stage: it takes a .fo file
(an XML document with only elements from the fo: namespace, more
formal from the namespace "";)
and produces a PDF (FOP can also produce other output formats).

For convenience, the first stage, the transformation, can be
executed by the FOP command line application too. In this case,
no FO file is produced, the transformation result is held in
memory and directly piped into FOP. FOP itself doesn't deal with
elements from the xsl: namespace, the XSLT processor does. The
XSLT processor uses the data from the XML source file and the
templates from the .xsl file to produce a .fo document. The
templates in the .xsl file usually contain elements from the
fo: namespace.


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