ronald heller wrote:
<fo:block space-after="0pt">
<fo:inline text-decoration="none" font-family="Times Roman">M</fo:inline>
<fo:inline text-decoration="none" font-family="Symbol">M</fo:inline>
<fo:inline text-decoration="none" font-family="ZapfDingbats">M</fo:inline>

With fop 0.20.3RC all characters were poperly shown. With this new version I get the unknown character symbol.
What's going on here?

You try to display the character "M" in the fonts "Symbol" and "ZapfDingbats". Chances are that there is no glyph for the character in the font, or that the character code is misinterpreted for another code in a non-unicode font. As already mentioned. 0.20.3rc had some bugs, which have been fixed. Select a proper font for the characters you want to display.


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