I have noticed perhaps the same thing in FOP 0.20.3: that the table length
can vary slightly from page to page to accomodate the height of the last
row, esp. where you have some long fields wrapping to the next row. This was
less than the row height, so I allowed for it using margin-top &
margin-bottom (changing extent seemed to do nothing at all).


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stephane suisse wrote:
> I encounter the following problem : on each pages where a table begins (
> table with a footer and a great number of pages ), the table overlaps
> the page's footer ( region-after ) , however the parameters of the
> simple-page-master seem to be good.
> Does anyone know why  ??

Which version of FOP are you using? This has happened but
in an older version. There could be other reasons. Can you
post a trimmed down FO file demonstrating the problem?

 > <fo:region-body margin-top="0mm" margin-bottom="8mm" overflow="hidden"/>
 > <fo:region-before extent="5mm"/>

Your region-before and region-body still overlap.
The overflow="hidden" setting has no effect here,
and is not implemented in FOP anyway.


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