Hi David,
              I had the same problem.  This problem occurs only if the template name given in the fo for the fo:root  does not match any of the tags in the xml input given.  In the sample given below, the fo:root is within the xsl:template matching the name "TestPage".  So the xml input given should have the tag <TestPage>. Otherwise you get the exception mentioned in your mail.

        <xsl:template match ="TestPage">
        <fo:root xmlns:fo="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Format">
                        <!-- defines page layout -->
           I got the same error till I figured it out.  :-) Hope this helps..
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    • 05/30/02 03:42 AM
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      • David McCormick wrote:
        > I've searched the archives for an answer to this without any luck, so....
        > I've deployed the sample FopServlet on Tomcat 4.0 and it works just fine.
        > When I deploy it to Oracle9iAS (Orion), I get this message:
        > org.apache.fop.apps.FOPException: Root element must be root, not (none):
        > It's the same fo file and the same servlet, so I assume it's a version
        > control problem with the jars. Has anybody seen this before and could you
        > point me in the right direction?

        It's not a problem with the servlet. The transformation has
        failed, it seems to have output an empty result. This could be
        because of a problem with the XSLT, a configuration problem
        (maybe namespace support has to be enabled), or you have hit one
        of the bugs in the Oracle XSLT processor. The Oracle environment
        has a lot of oddities, probably because of it's extreme
        optimisation for speed. I'd not be surprised if you missed
        some exceptions. Ask Oracle for assistance in order to get
        the transformation running.


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