On Wednesday 29 May 2002 18:15, Robert Wachter wrote:
> Is anybody out there, who uses fop to generate MIF-files? 

Not to downplay FOP, but I think the current MIF rendering suffers from the 
same problems we encountered when trying to implement an RTF renderer: the 
current FOP rendering system is well suited for "print" rendering (i.e. PDF) 
but not for "structure" rendering (which MIF is to a large extent: describing 
sections, paragraphs etc. but not necessarily their detailed layout).

So I'm skeptical about how far you can go with the current MIF renderer. 
We're currently working (slowly) on integrating the jfor RTF converter (which 
is also mostly structure based) into FOP, and hopefully this will pave the 
way for better structure-based renderers.

 Bertrand Delacrétaz (codeconsult.ch, jfor.org)

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