Hi Xavier,

as for the 300 dpi I cannot say but you might search the archive of the list about this.

In order to Write/Print/Read/select protect your document, FOP does not do this, simply because it is not part of XSL FO. Yet, you may use another Java tool combined with FOP to do this : the iText library.

You can use it to create a copy of your FOP generated PDF wich you can read protect and print protect and write protect and so on. iText tutorial shows you how to do this.

I think someone on the dev-list has done some work to propose a FOP extension that uses iText to do this kind of stuff. Once again, you may look for it in the achive. Even if you don't use FOP extension, you may use iText explicitly after FOP has generated your PDF.


At 09:03 30/05/2002 +0200, you wrote:

Is it possible with fop to get a 300 dpi resolution for a Pdf File ?
Is it possible to write protect, print protect, read protect with a password a Pdf File.

If it is, please give me clues.


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