I have been using FOP both within Cocoon and as a servlet, using static XML 
(data) and XSL files as input. 

Now I need to dynamically generate the XML data portion from within the 
servlet (the XSL file would still be static.) What is the best approach for 

Upon perusing the source of org.apache.fop.apps.XSLTInputHandler, Driver, and 
related classes, it seems I should be able to use Xalan APIs to build an 
org.xml.sax.InputSource from my own org.xml.sax.ContentHandler and the XSL 

Are there any examples on how to integrate this with FOP? (I'd just hate to 
have to reinvent the wheel here. ;-)) 

Also, would it perhaps make sense to extends XSLTInputHandler to support this 
behavior in a convenient way (instead of only using static XML files)?


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