You're working with the PrintServlet, right? That means you're working
with the AWTRenderer. If that's the case you would have to upgrade to
the CVS version of FOp or wait until the next release (which should be
out shortly) to get text-decoration for spaces. We've fixed underlining
of white-space in the AWT renderer only about a week ago.

Try rendering your document using the PDF renderer and check if the
white-space gets underlined. I would guess so.

> I would like to know how to make my underline extend beyond the actual object 
> I am underlining. I need it to extend both before and after.
> <fo:block >this is an example of an <fo:wrapper ><fo:inline text-decoration = 
> "underline"> insert </fo:inline></fo:wrapper>within a block</fo:block>

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