Oleg Hi - this is Roni - also from MultiConn.
Where & How did you cross my question regarding FOP ?!?
It's quite strange that you of all people replied, don't you think ?
Do you know how to use the FOP well ?
Does experanto uses it too ?!
I need some background and help with it - If you are my person to talk too, please let me know, I will probably have to use this code in a project for Mataf.
Roni, MultiConn.
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roni nemerovsky - hotmail wrote:

> I downloaded the zipped bin file and extracted it.
> When I try to run an example inorder to view the output, I get the
> following output.
> The input file is one of those extracted from your web site (with no
> changes).

> C:\fop-0.20.3>fop -xsl xml2pdf.xsl -xml build.xml -pdf a.pdf

You probably misunderstood what particular xml2pdf.xsl stylesheet is intended
for. That's not generic xml to pdf stylesheet, instead, as it stated in
docs/readme it's "a stylesheet, to convert xslfoRef.xml to pdf". It does
require particular xslfoRef.xml (or similar by xml structure) file as xml
source. Being applyed to an arbitrary xml, as you did with build.xml I believe
a very likely it'll transform it to a non valid fo document, probably even
ill-formed or empty. So try instead

fop -xsl xml2pdf.xsl -xml xslfoRef.xml -pdf a.pdf

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn International, Israel

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