Ok, this is slow figures.

We have much longer tables and yet we do not have such low rate. Do you have forward reference ? For instance, do you have the famous page X of Y in your page footer ?

Long tables and forward references are the two FOP speed issues. You have to cut your table to pieces and put each part in a separate page-sequence. It helps a lot.

As for forward Reference, you have the choice to wait for the redesign to use streamed PDF (if they intend to) of you may use some 'little-dirty' workaround : Do not use forward ref, if you have a TOC at the head, put it at the end and swap it back to the head with iText. If you are using Page X of Y, do not use the <page-number-citation> but write the total number of pages yourself using iText once again.

This is not "by the book" rules.

This is workaround.

Redisign will save us all (Keiron, hear us ! :) )



At 10:18 03/06/2002 -0400, you wrote:
for example a 17 page document takes 100 seconds..

it has a  header, footer and one long table as the body.

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