Martin Stockhammer wrote:
what about the state of keep-with-next in fo:block? I want to
keep headings together with their following paragraphs, but keep-with-next="always" does not work within fo:block tags.
Is it planned to release a new version of fop in the near future?

It wont be in the next maintenance release. If you want to keep headings together with the first paragraph, you can use a blind table with two rows, one containing the heading, the other the paragraph, and put keep-with-next="always" on the first row.

Another question: Is it planned to implement the "linefeed-treatment"
attribute into fo:block?

Well, planned.... If you use white-space-collapse="false", line feeds will be preserved too, so you can put whitespace preformatted data like program source into a fo:block and it will come out as expected.


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