Florence Deforge wrote:

I need to resize some gif images which are to be displayed in a pdf doc.

I tried to insert the following code inside a block or a table-cell :
<fo:external-graphic width="75%" height="75%" text-align="center">
    <xsl:attribute name="src">
        <xsl:value-of select="image"/>

Whatever percentage or absolute size is set, the graphic is displayed with
same size (which is not the original size as well).

Could anyone advice please ?

It seems that a percental width does not work on fo:external-graphic. Use an absolute measure like width="5cm". Note that "75%" won't scale the image to 75% of the original width, even if it worked, it would scale the image to 75% of the width of the enclosing reference area. Note further that when it comes to rendering of bitmapped images to physical devices your definition of "original size" may be quite different from anyone's else, but still everyone is right.


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