This question really belongs on the ant-user mailing list.

Byt anyways, what you want is the <uptodate> task, this link
contains an example that should fit your needs.

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        Magnus Sj÷berg

> Hi,
> I have in my application a set of FO file, that i have to convert in PDF. I
> would like to do this with ant. so i wrote those lines:
>    <apply executable="fop" os="Linux" dest="${build.src}">
>      <srcfiles/>
>      <targetfiles/>
>      <fileset dir="${src.dir}">
>       <patternset>
>        <include name="**/*.fo"/>
>       </patternset>
>      </fileset>
>      <mapper type="glob" from="*.fo" to="*.pdf"/>
>    </apply>
> that runs pretty well. My problem is that when i execute this, it re-create 
> all
> the pdf each time, even if the .fo had not been update! I would like to notify
> to my apply tag that: if the .fo didn't change, don't create the .pdf. In 
> fact,
> I just want to do the same as <javac>, that doesn't compile the .java if it
> still the same.
> Do you follow me ?
> Is there anyone having the same problem?
> thanks for helping,
> Ludo.
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