>While using FOP to build some docbooks of mine works quite nicely, one
>rather visual problem occured when I used tables.
>The linewidth of the table/cell borders is not the same for all cells.
>Some borders appear to be double as wide as others.
>Yet there seems to be no pattern either, thus I came to think it could
>be a bug. I experimented with different borderwidths by setting the
>corresponding parameter in the DocBook stylesheets (Norman Walsh's XSL
>But that didn't help.
>It looks...well...unprofessional so I wanted to ask if this is a known
>problem, if it's a stylesheet or FOP problem and if there is a
>fix/workaround to it.

Are you putting borders on both cells, etc which share edges? Edges do not
seem to overlap. Have a look at doc/examples/fo/border.fo & it's pdf.

You could leave off a border on one side (define only border-left-...,
border-right-... etc for the other sides).


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