chandrakant_binwani wrote:

Here how i'm trying to implement PDF generation:

            String xslParam  = "D:\\tempReports\\testReport.xml";
            String xmlParam = "D:\\tempReports\\testReport.xsl";

Aha, got it! CAn you see - your xslParam is xml file url and xmlParam is xsl url, that's why you got an exception - xalan has considered xml as xsl and complined about lack of xsl:version (any xml file could be valid xsl stylesheet if it has xsl:version attribute at the roor element).

Well, it should be

             String xmlParam  = "D:\\tempReports\\testReport.xml";
             String xslParam = "D:\\tempReports\\testReport.xsl";

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn International, Israel

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