CASTELAIN Yves (GL) wrote:
It's ok for me too. a PDF file is generated.
But, if i try with the FOP example (FopServlet & glossary.xml and xsl)
the generated page on navigateur is blank !!

Again: if you have trouble with stuff running an embedded FOP, try the files with the command line in order to get an useful error report.

If you have XML+XSL, run an XSLT processor like Xalan (or Saxon)
to get a .fo file separately, to rule out problems with either.
Saxon (6.5.4) or at least a recent Xalan (2.3.1) is recommended
because of conformance and precise error messages.

Once you have a .fo file, run FOP with the -d command line switch.

Problems with glossary.xml sound like you have a 0.20.3rc download.
In this case, upgrade to the final 0.20.3 release.


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