To elaborate on this a bit. You have a page-master with some inherent limit on the number of pages it can produce. A page-sequence can refer, via master-reference, to either a simple-page-master or a page-sequence-master. The spec has, at Page Generation:

"Each fo:page-sequence references either an fo:page-sequence-master or a page-master. If the reference is to a page-master, this is interpreted as if it were a reference to an fo:page-sequence-master that repeats the referenced page-master an unbounded number of times." (The rest of this paragraph becomes ambiguous.)

So if (a) your page-sequence master-reference names a simple-page-master directly, that simple-page-master will be used repeatedly as long as any content remains in the fo:flow to be laid out. If (b) your page-sequence master-reference names a page-sequence-master, this automatic repetition is not in effect. If the page-sequence-master contains a simple-page-master-reference, the simple-page-master named in the simple-page-master-reference will be used only once. To obtain the same effect as (a) your page-sequence master would have to name a repeatable-page-master-reference with a maximum-repeats property set to "no-limit". Fortunately, the default value for maximum-repeats is "no-limit".

Take a look at Dave Pawson's tutorial (written with the assistance of Arved, Karen and Keiron, I believe) at <http://www.dpawson.co.uk/xsl/sect3/bk/ch05.html#d0e2601>


J.Pietschmann wrote:


and I am
getting the following error:

ERROR [fop]:Page subsequences exhausted. Using previous subsequence.

This has nothing to do with the first problem. You have
an incomplete page master, check it.

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