try using:

you are removing transocding hints with the setTranscodingHints.

The hint has a StringKey as the key and a Boolean as the value.

On Sat, 2002-06-08 at 03:03, Vollmer, Thomas - CannonSA wrote:
> Map hints = new HashMap();
> hints.put(PDFTranscoder.KEY_STROKE_TEXT, Boolean.FALSE);
> pdfTranscoder.setTranscodingHints(hints);

> So, I guess in line 174 it expects a Boolean, but I can't
> get a Boolean into the Map because KEY_STROKE_TEXT is a
> StringKey. So, KEY_STROKE_TEXT should probably be a
> BooleanKey!?

> 1) There seem to be two ways to configure text stroking.
> What's the difference and which is the preferred way?

One is for FOP, ie converting fo to pdf.
The other is for batik, converting svg to pdf.
The configuration and other things are not related.

> 2) In the mailing list archive I've read that there are
> limitations when not stroking text in FOP. 
> What exactly are these limitations?

This would probably be the following:
- if there is a font or character substitution then it won't work
- it may ignore things like tspan x and y changes or colourings

> Thanks for your help,
> Thomas

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