Thanks for the response; I tried this option but I did not see a difference;
the text continues to over-flow the table cell width.


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Use <fo:table-cell wrap-option="wrap">


pkrishnaswami wrote:

>We are using FOP to publish our documents in PDF. Some of the contents in
>the table cell contain long words; eg: full name of java classes where the
>length of the package is wider than the cell\column width; The contents of
>these long words spills beyond the table cell.  Is there a way to wrap the
>word if it reaches the end of the table cell.
>Here is a snippet of the XSLFO we use for transforming the XML file:
> <fo:table-body line-height="12pt" font-size="10pt"
>       space-before.optimum="6pt">
>        <fo:table-row>
>             <fo:table-cell>
>             <fo:block text-align="start"  border-style="solid"
>                        <xsl:value-of select="./logMessage"/>.
>               </fo:block>
>               </fo:table-cell>
>               </fo:table-row>
>      </fo:table-body>
>    </fo:table>
>In the above case, the value of select ./logMessage happens to be one word
>where the word length is longer than the table-cell width.
>Response will be appreciated.

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