Hello all,

Recently we had a sales demo of the Actuate Java Edition reporting tool.
The tool provides a Swing interface to assist in formatting the layout, and
it also can connect to RDBMS data sources to provide drag-n-drop additions
of report data elements.

We're currently planning on using an FOP-based solution for our reporting
needs.  We built a fairly optimized FOP architecture which performs well --
complex PDF pages are rendered at the rate of approximately 2 pages per
second on an Intel 750 MHz box.

Question:  Does anybody out there have any experience with the Actuate Java
Edition tool?  The GUI format designer would be nice, but I'm guessing not
as flexible as using XSL stylesheets as in FOP.  Also, would it perform
better than the FOP, as in being faster or using less memory?  I know the
Actuate tool can provide a table of contents, which is known to cause
problems when using FOP -- but I don't know if the Actuate tool suffers the
same problem (sales demos use small reports).

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


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