Hi Yvonne,
XSL FO ain't no wordprocessing application, as you might guess already.
It is for block-oriented layout definitions targeted at formatters like FOP.
If you need something aligned, you must basically put it in a <fo:block> structure
and assign attributes like text-align="left", text-align="center" or text-align="right"
For a nice introduction to XSL FO consult the tutorial section of:
Sorry, but to me your mail seems a bit like:
wrong train, wrong time, wrong station.
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Datum: Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2002 16:41
Betreff: tabulator

can somebody tell me if there is a possibility to set tabulator positions, please?
I need a "left tabulator", a "right tabulator", a "centered tabulator" and a "decimal tabulator", like in MS Word.

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