I have a problem I can't figure out, hoping someone has done this
before.  I have a FOP program to do some printing from a Java.  I created a
Java Swing Applet that uses FOP to do the printing.  I am using code out of
FOP 0.20.3 distribution that is in org.apache.fop.apps.  I used the same
code in PrintStarter to do the printing.  The printing works fine (the page
looks as I would expect) but the really weird thing is that the output from
the print is going to the manual feed on my printer instead of to the
normal output bin.  What this means is each time I print I have to walk
over to the printer and manually feed in the pages to be
printed...obviously not a good solution :)  The same problem occurs when I
use the fop.bat program to do the printing instead of my program.  Has
anyone encountered anything like this before?  Any solutions would be
greatly appreciated.


Craig Malton
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