I'm not sure but I think AWT normally uses the default printer driver
config from the OS. If your on Windows check your Printing Preferences
on the printer. Maybe you've got the manual feed as a default. Just a

>       I have a problem I can't figure out, hoping someone has done this
> before.  I have a FOP program to do some printing from a Java.  I created a
> Java Swing Applet that uses FOP to do the printing.  I am using code out of
> FOP 0.20.3 distribution that is in org.apache.fop.apps.  I used the same
> code in PrintStarter to do the printing.  The printing works fine (the page
> looks as I would expect) but the really weird thing is that the output from
> the print is going to the manual feed on my printer instead of to the
> normal output bin.  What this means is each time I print I have to walk
> over to the printer and manually feed in the pages to be
> printed...obviously not a good solution :)  The same problem occurs when I
> use the fop.bat program to do the printing instead of my program.  Has
> anyone encountered anything like this before?  Any solutions would be
> greatly appreciated.

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