you could just add a spacer row between your dynamic rows...

                <fo:block padding="5pt"></fo:block>
                <fo:block padding="5pt"></fo:block>

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this may help you..

<fo:table-row .....>
        <fo:block color="white">space</fo:block>
        <fo:block color="white">space</fo:block>

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Subject: TR: White space between table-rows. HOW?

I still haven't figured out how I can insert space between table-rows. I
would like to have a property that applies on a table-row. The various
padding properties didn't seem to produce any effect, no matter what values
I gave. One temporary solution I'm using is to specify the height of the
row, but I need to achieve that dynamically, since not every table-row will
have the same height.



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Hahn Kurt (CHA) wrote:
> Below is a code sample from a table I'm displaying. I need to have some
> space between 2 rows, in order to separate them visually. I tried a number
> of things, especially the various padding-properties but also other
> but no clue so far. The only thing that worked (a little, not really
> was to add an empty row, or to fix the row-heigth, but that's not dynamic,
> so it isn't really that... 

You can use space-before="..." on the elements each table
cell in the row following the space, like

>  <fo:table-row height="35pt" font-weight="bold" font-size="12pt">
>       <fo:table-cell text-align="center" number-columns-spanned="4">
>       <fo:block>Le procès-verbal de la session du 24 et 25 janvier 2002
> est adopté.   </fo:block> 
>   </fo:table-cell>
>  </fo:table-row>
>  <fo:table-row height="35pt" font-weight="bold" font-size="12pt">
>       <fo:table-cell>
>        <fo:block space-before="30pt">4</fo:block> 
>       </fo:table-cell>
>       <fo:table-cell text-align="left" number-columns-spanned="4">
>        <fo:block  space-before="30pt">DISCUSSIONS ET APPROBATION DE
L'ORDRE DU JOUR</fo:block> 
>       </fo:table-cell>
>   </fo:table-row>
>  <fo:table-row>> ....


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