Hi all,

the Release Candidate for 0.20.4 is available at
http://xml.apache.org/dist/fop for downloading and testing.

It is planed to make the actual release in about a week (or two?)
if no serious bugs show up.

Changes since 0.20.3 include:

- Support for background-image
- FOP should now work with any JAXP1.1 compliant parser/transformer
- The following JARs have been updated: Xerces to version 2.0.1, Xalan
  to version 2.3.1 and Batik to version 1.5beta2.
- Fop has been compiled with Jimi support
- Logging has been changed from LogKit to Avalon's Logger Interface
- New hyphenation patterns: turkish, portuguese and czech
- FOP should now work on a EBCDIC maschine
- Support for comma-separated values for the font-family property
- Russian and Czech messages for AWTViewer

For details see CHANGES file:

Feedback/bugreports are welcome especially (but of course not limited) for the following issues:

- compiling FOP with Jdk1.4 under Windows
- running FOP on a EBCDIC maschine
- running FOP from Win98/ME command line
- processing FOP generated PDFs with RIP engines/preflight (?) tools
- custom font loading with BaseDir property

Needs to be done for the release: - check documentation (new jar versions, classpath etc.) - anything missing in Release Notes/CHANGES ? (apart from fixing my english ;-)

Enjoy, Christian

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