Hahn Kurt (CHA) wrote:
keep-together="always" does what I need, but just out of curiosity: What
does "a keep-together condition with strength of the given <integer> in the
appropriate context" mean?? I tried to see what happens if insert an integer
value instead of "always", but that didn't really explain it..

I don't think numeric priorities are already implemented. The use case is to provide preferred break opportunities, roughly like this: <fo:block keep-together="3"> <fo:block keep-together="5"> </fo:block> <fo:block keep-together="7"> </fo:block> </fo:block> The formatter will first try to keep everything toghether. This may fail, for example because the whole outer block is larger than a page. In this case a break is first introduced between the inner blocks. If this still fails, for example because the second inner block is already larger than a page, a break somewhere in the first block is tried. If this still fails, a break in the second block is tried.


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