Ralf Steppacher wrote:
I encountered a problem using a break-before="page" in a block that is referenced by a page-number-citation in my TOC.
My document contains several chapters and inside every block element containing a Headline I set the break-before="page" attribute. These blocks are referenced by a page-number-citation and everything works fine but for the last chapter where no no page number shows up in my TOC.
If I leave out the break-before or use a break-after="page" in the last block of the last but one chapter the page-number is present.

Is this a bug or are there some deeper reasons why the page number can not be calculated in the case of the last page enforced by a break-before?

This is a bug. Use <fo:block break-before="page"/> <fo:block id="..."> as a workaround. (bonus points for describing what mechanisms are broken by this approach)


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