Hi all,
My report contains 4 Tables.
I have to display some content at the top of the page
[like table header] for the first page of the each table,
and the content will slightly change from the next page onwards..
for e.g.. if the whole report has 20 pages and if each table spans for 5 pages,
then page 1,6,11 & 16 [ pages on which new table starts..] will have same
headers and the remaining pages will have headers with slightly less
information as they are following pages.
I used <xsl:variable> to have a count the times the table was accessed.
but the variable is loosing its last state every time.

You cannot use XSLT capabilities to deal with pagination issues.

The XSLFO standard does not provide capabilities for variying
table headers.
You can try to put the additional information in the first
table header into an additional row:
 <fo:table ...>
     <fo:table-row>...common header info...</fo:table-row>
     <fo:table-row>...additional header info...</fo:table-row>
     <fo:table-row>...table content...</fo:table-row>

If this doesn't work (i.e. if borders get in the way), there is
a horrible way to fake the headers by putting them into static
content in the region-before and use makers or special page
masters to implant the additional information.


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