Urban, Patrick wrote:
1. By saying XSL FO is a recommendation is the W3C putting its stamp of
approval on it or is there still a higher level of approval this
specification can receive?

Do you mean something like "ISO standard"? And what's this blessing good for? There are plenty of W3C recommendations and ISO standards which are routinely ignored, and proprietary stuff that thrives even against the will of the original inventors.

5. How is Apache supporting FOP?
What is "Apache"?

Such "cover my ass" risk assessments usually turn out
to be pretty useless in the long term. Ask anyone
involved in X.400. Public opinion, vendor support and
standard body activity can change in as less as half a
year, in either direction, sometimes making Gigabuck
investments a waste just after extended and carefully
executed evaluations.

Apart from this, risk assessment for Open Source
software is fundamentally different than for proprietary
software. This should be obvious.

Make a prototype, perhaps with every tool you seem to
be fit, and choose the one which fits best.


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