Filippos Slavik wrote:
Hello all,

Actually I have the opposite problem. I'm too having some long words inside a table cell, but since my table-columns have a fixed width I would like to have the content of the cell to be truncated in the case of a "long word". What I did was to use <fo:table-cell wrap-option="no-wrap"> to dissallow the cell's contents to be wrapped. But what FOP did was to "shrink" enough the "gap" between each character so the "long word" could fit in the block area within the cell.

I was unable to locate any hint in the list's archives, therefore I'm asking.. if it's possible to truncate the cell's contents to a specific and fixed width size ? (ex: If the cell's content would be normaly "Filippos Slavik", but the font-size and/or the cell width is not big enough to hold the entire string, I would like a "Filippos Sla" string to appear in the generated PDF instead).

The XSLFO specification provides the wrap-option and the overflow property to control this. Unfortunately, FOP doesn't yet implement the overflow="hidden" setting. You can try to clip long content at the XSLT level, for example <fo:block> <xsl:value-of select="substring(.,30)"/> </fo:block> or whatever matches your problem. Catering for proportional fonts will take a bit of work.


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