I am using JBoss-2.4.4-Tomcat-4.0.1, and embedding the use of FOP within an

If I use this on RedHat 7.2, it works fine, and I get my PDFs out.

If I tar up the JBoss directory, and transfer it lock stock and barrel to a
machine  running  RedHat  7.3,  and  execute  it  there, I get some garbage
characters ("?") in my PDFs, and they don't work.

The  only  differences  is the RedHat version.  The versions of the JDK are
also  different,  but that's not it, because it works on a 7.2 machine with
either JDK.

Anyone any ideas?  This is a real showstopper for us - we have a project to
demonstrate by the end of July, so help would be really appreciated.


Simon Godden
Research and Development Manager
DCS Transport and Logistics

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