Subject: Multi-Level list
From: "Owen Thomas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
I have an xml file that will contain a list and each list item can contain
sub items

So the HTML page will need to look something like

1 Section A
    1.1 Sub section
    1.2 Sub section
        1.2.1 Sub Sub section
        1.2.2 Sub Sub section
    1.3 Sub section
2 Section B
3 Section C
    3.1 Sub section
    3.2 Sub section


The number will be stored as an attribute of the element so the xml will
look like

    <Section listid="1">Section A</Section>
    <Section listid="1.1">Sub section</Section>
    <Section listid="1.2">Sub section</Section>
    <Section listid="1.2.1">Sub Sub section</Section>
    <Section listid="1.2.2">Sub Sub section</Section>
    <Section listid="1.3">Sub section</Section>
    <Section listid="2">Section B</Section>
    <Section listid="3">Section C</Section>
    <Section listid="3.1">Sub section</Section>
    <Section listid="3.2">Sub section</Section>

The fo:list-block has the attributes start-indent and end-indent on the
list-item-label and list-item-body so is there any way to specify the amount
of indent dependant on an attribute.



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