Thanks for the response. The problem was I'm using 0.20.3 wich doesn't have
jimi installed (I guess I should have read the release notes...) I
downloaded jimi and built fop and now it works fine.
Thanks, Bill

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Bill Collins wrote:
> Hi All,
>         I'm having a problem with tiff images. I'm doing somthing like
> <fo:block>
>         <fo:external-graphic src="file:testTiff.tif" width="100px"
> height="50px"/>
> </fo:block>
> and I get the following error:
> [ERROR]: Error while creating area : Error creating FopImage object (Error
> creat
> ing FopImage object (file:/C:/MyStuff/fopTest/testTiff.tif) :
> org.apache.fop.
> image.JimiImage

Jimi doesn't understand all possible compressions allowed
in TIFF. Use uncompressed or RLE compressed TIFFs.


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