Thanks Jeremais,

We use Acrobat on Unix to print PDF's. Currently we have to call Acrobat
with the correct parameters of paper size and orientation from Java code. I
was wondering maybe I could get rid of this step by including such
parameters into the pdf itself. It seems I can't.

I understood from Amine's question that it is not the same case with PS (of
course, it is a printer language). I think his question meant that in PS it
is possible to set the orientation (and the paper size??) in PS. If so, I
might consider changing my output format to PS, and hence get rid of the
ugly Acrobat call, with parameters, from code. Currently I don't know if
switching to PS is that easy, or if it would work as I expect.

It all depends on whether the paper size can be set inside the fo (probably
not?) and rendered correctly to PS using FOP. Or, possibly by using another
workaround in PSRenderer e.g. by measuring the page width/height combination
against standard paper sizes and setting the closest one into the PS.

But thanks for implementing the orientation for PS orientation anyway :)

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> Is it possible to do the same thing with pdf?

Yes, it is, if someone's going to implement it. Another question is if
it makes sense to do this, or better: is it really necessary? I haven't
investigated that, yet. I'm printing in portrait mode usually... I
wonder what you're trying to do.

> AFAIK pdf doesn't have info about page orientation, and as a sequence, you
> have to pass the orientation to the printing application (eg acrobat) so
> that it prints corectly, but I need someone to assert this info..

That's correct. PDF doesn't contain info about page orientation.

> Also, the page size (A3, A4, letter, etc..), AFAIK pdf doesn't have info
> about it either. so even with the right  page sizes you cant configure
> pdf print application to choose the correct paper size form within the
> again, you have to pass/set the page size into the application. right?

The PDF contains the extent of each page (width and height) but not a
paper size as in "A4" or "letter". Acrobat Reader has a lot of options
in the GUI to rotate and scale a page before it is printed. The unix
command line of Acrobat Reader has options that need to be set (ex.
-size a4) so the page is transformed to PostScript correctly.

What is your "application"?

> What about formats other than ps and pdf?

There are probably similar issues.

Jeremias Märki

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