Dear All,

I am up and running with my first ever servlets in Tomcat4.03 (although they only run in the examples folder). So, I put all five of the latest version of the jar files as instructed in FOP servlets into the lib directory ( avalon-framework-4.1.2.jar batik-all-1.5b1.jar fop-0.20.3rc.jar logkit-1.0.1.jar and xalan-2.3.1.jar) and complied servlets OK as well. However, following this I've tried everything I can think possible to make a servelt produce a pdf from fo and still no joy and very soar eyes now as well!

First I ran them without an fo file but they error as follows:
Results in:
"FopServlet Error
No 'fo' or 'xml/xsl' request param given."

So then I assume I it is just a case of not finding an but when I try to give in one


and it always causes a status 500 internal service error (maybe something to do with it running only in the examples folder I have no idea!). I also found a mail a while ago from the group saying to put the fo files in the C:\Apache-Tomcat\bin file but still I get the same errors.

Please can someone help?


PS. I have also found a servlet in saxon for FOP has anyone tried this out is it easier to get working!

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